International Appraisal & Investments
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Plymouth, MI 48170
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Established in 1980, I.A.I., Inc. provides Real Estate Appraisal, Consultation, and Brokerage services for both Single Family,  Multiple-Family Apartment, and residential income properties. Our Team holds a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry. We hold direct affiliations with all regional multiple listing services. The company also has full capability to processing all form & narrative appraisal reports in both hard copy and digital EDI processing.

Each of our Agents and Appraisers have over 20+ years of experience and knowledge in the Detroit Metropolitan Real Estate Market. We pass our experience down to our clients by giving them the best possible services available. Our primary services include Real Estate Appraisal, Brokerage, and Feasibility Consultation.

Patricia M. Brown, RM, GAA


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How does an appraisal work?

1. Research the subject property. The appraiser first conducts a physical inspection of the property to be appraised.

2.  Analysis. The appraiser starts the process by comparing the subject to those of the similar properties.

3.  The appraiser then correlates their research and experience to form an opinion of value based on the Scope of Work contracted.